Description: A million fools

IITs IIMs and a million FOOLS

A Book on educational system and self confidence



 Thousands of years back we had something to offer to the west. Zero, cotton, spices and artistic handicraft goods. We almost had a monopoly in trade and India was known as a sink of precious metals. But what we are offering now is our biggest burden, the huge population; some people call it human resource. But it is more like a liability than an asset. Uneducated population is the biggest challenge ; we do not need enemies for our destruction. Jobless growth, unsatisfied people and rich poor divide has the potential to create anarchy in the society. It is a matter of great concern .some of us live lavish lifestyles but consider a simple fact that two to three years of sustained drought can lead to closure of industries and job cuts which may lead to total economic collapse. We are not realising the core problem and constructing multi-storied building on the foundation of straws. So copying the west is not a solution, as the technologies they offer are designed as per their own problems. Do you know ,no one can feed our population if we stop growing our food crops? High prices of pulses must be an eye opener for the dumb people. All the stock market growth and 4-G data could not lower the prices. Venezuela is a country famous for winning beauty pageants just like India. But today in the same country, people who have multiple cars and who only visit supermarkets for groceries are unable to find a bowl of rice. Where does India stands, you can yourself foresee the results if you have the vision. Detachment of education and innovation from the basic grassroots problems will. ……

CRITICIZE or SUPPORT,being neutral is a sin


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