Excerpt:A million fools

How funny things are! One morning seven of my friends were sitting in the hostel mess, the mood was sombre. On enquiring I came to know that they hadn’t had their breakfasts. A day before they had gone to see a romantic movie.

The movie turned out to be a disaster for my college friends; the hero had committed suicide because heroine was more successful. The hero had lost the ability to sing, days of his stardom over and he was rendered penniless.

Later a friend of mine told me that all of my friends wept for hours at this fate of the hero. According to him, all of them were emotionally disturbed, their inner soul was shocked.

Let me tell you, those seven creatures were no saint, whose heart beats for the poor and downtrodden. They don’t cry for millions of children who die even before reaching their first birthdays. They don’t care if thousands of men are forced by poverty to feed on grass, animal carcass and even tree bark, when they casually throw away the extra food. They are obsessed with their virtual world. No amount of hammering can open their brains, for compassion and empathy is not taught in multi-storeyed coaching institutes that prepare students for IITs and IIMs.

Once, a friend asked me if I had read a particular bestselling novel written by a bestselling author. I bet you must have read it, my answer was in negative. He was appalled at my ignorance and he then explained how I missed to appreciate the secularism and human emotions that were being taught to millions of energetic readers. I was amused! You don’t have to read hundreds of pages of crap to learn about the basic structure of society.

In fact you have to be an utterly dumb person in order to grasp every single lesson of life and human values via such novels and their subsequent movie adaptations. Do you shut your …….
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