Factors determining Experian Credit Score

Factors determining Experian Credit Score   ☆Demographics-10% ☆New credit-10% ☆Length of credit history-15% ☆Total credit-30% ☆Payment history-35%


Excerpt:A million fools

How funny things are! One morning seven of my friends were sitting in the hostel mess, the mood was sombre. On enquiring I came to know that they hadn’t had their breakfasts. A day before they had gone to see a romantic movie. The movie turned out to be a disaster for my college friends; … Continue reading Excerpt:A million fools

Description: A million fools

IITs IIMs and a million FOOLS A Book on educational system and self confidence   Description  Thousands of years back we had something to offer to the west. Zero, cotton, spices and artistic handicraft goods. We almost had a monopoly in trade and India was known as a sink of precious metals. But what we … Continue reading Description: A million fools

A million fools

IITs IIMs and a million FOOLS A Book on educational system and self confidence It describes the rot in the educational system and how you are a culprit.It's time to bring a change.A positive change, within.And see the change, around. #1 millions of children who die even before reaching their first birthdays #2 thousands of … Continue reading A million fools

Introduction to UNIX operating system

Introduction to UNIX operating system UNIX operating system is an open source software.It's complete source code is available with it.One can customize it.It is portable that means it is available on a wide range of different hardware.It has hierarchical file system, device independence and multi user capabilities.To support those programs which are larger than the … Continue reading Introduction to UNIX operating system

Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange It is an electronic way to transfer documents in an organization internally (between various departments) or externally (with suppliers,customers,e.t.c.) Following are few important documents used in EDI:- *invoices *letters *business correspondence letters *purchase orders *financial information *shipping requests *acknowledgement Advantages of EDI:- *reduction in data entry errors *shorter processing life cycle *electronic … Continue reading Electronic Data Interchange